About Us
Surrender to the Flow has always been distributed free to readers on lot at Phish shows, and always will be.  However, if you would like to recieve it by mail to your home to ensure you won't miss a copy, we offer subscriptions!  Our subscriptions are four issues in length and cost $20.  You can subscribe by sending us $20 via Paypal to sttflowmerch@gmail.com .
Surrender to the Flow is a free, community publication for fans of the band Phish that has been around since 1998.  We provide our readers with reviews, travel information, stories, interviews, history, comedy, essays, surveys, and more, all written by fans with the fellow fan in mind, with original artwork featured along with it.  

Over the past ninteen years, we have created fifty-four issues, and we are currently hard at work on our next three for summer 2017.  Each issue of Surrender to the Flow averages fifty pages in length, we generally put out four issues per year, and we print anywhere from 3000 to 12000 copies per issue.  We love publishing this magazine for our community, and are extremely thankful for our loyal readers.  Thanks for your support over the years, and in the years ahead.
We run celebrations that happen in our community in every issue, and would love to run yours for you!  We run these for free, but also gladly accept donations (via Paypal, to the address below) of $3-5 per entry. Celebrations can include birthdays, celebratory shows, birth announcements, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and remembrances.  Email yours to us at sttflowcelebrations@gmail.com .
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